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At MIND BUBBLES, we’re big believers in the value of you. Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give, and as Early Learning Educators, you are making a difference every day. That is why MIND BUBBLES aligns with and supports, passionate, industry-leading Educators to further enhance impact and efficacy, enabling pre-schoolers and their families to benefit from holistic and integrated care, achieving best practice in advancing children’s learning and development.

We understand that as a Director, it can be challenging to find relevant extracurricular programmes that link children’s experiences with the EYLF. Our specialised MIND BUBBLES program has been created and steered by an exceptional team of passionate professionals including Behavioural and Neuroscientists, Child Psychologists, Early Learning Educators and Physical Therapy and Emotional Intelligence Coaches, all while considering child development goals. MIND BUBBLES aligns with EYLF and each session (and supplementary resources and activities) can be directly linked to the Belonging, Being and Becoming principles within the Framework.

MIND BUBBLES is a personalised pre-school program that reinforces the unique culture of your centre and not only benefits your early learners and their families but provides invaluable support for your Educators. Together, we:

  • create a collaborative culture maximising individual energy, passion, knowledge and creativity
  • provide informal PD opportunities, to increase and diversify staff knowledge and skill-set
  • offer a multi-disciplinary method to ensure holistic learning and development for our pre-schoolers
  • develop common tools, language and understandings to achieve best practice

Let us support you in doing what you do best.


According to a recent study, a successful Prep transition program can contribute to up to 60% of student learning improvement in academic and social development.

MIND BUBBLES is dedicated to resilience-focused change that fortifies children and we love supporting industry-leading educators in Early Learning Centres around the world, to deliver our specialised program as part of their curriculum, year after year.

Profound results can be attained within weeks, so just imagine the possibilities when empowering your early learners and enhancing their entire pre-school year, with our 40-week program, expanding previous knowledge and skill-base each term.

With over 20 years’ experience, your custom program is expertly designed to nurture the collective goals and challenges of your class, along with additional support for individual children and families as required. Creating holistic and systemic change, with lifetime access for less than the cost of some incursion programs for a single term!

What to expect from your weekly MIND BUBBLES session:

  • High energy, fun, movement-based session (all equipment provided)
  • Daily brain breaks to support transitions, engage little learners and switch brains on
  • Fun resources to support SEL, emotional regulation, expand mental health toolkits, and share with families


  • Proactive and reactive strategies for individual/group challenging behaviours and SO MUCH MORE!

MIND BUBBLES is dedicated to supporting Early Childhood Teachers in growing a generation of empowered, resilient children, who develop to their unique potential and can confidently and lovingly step forward into who they are becoming. Reach out today and discover how easy and affordable it is for MIND BUBBLES to support your team, and how together we can have greater impact, equipping our early learners with the skills they need to shine.

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MIND BUBBLES is dedicated to supporting early childhood educators in growing a generation of empowered, resilient children, who develop to their unique potential. Discover how together, we can have greater impact, equipping our early learners with the skills they need to shine.

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