Positive learning environments start with a nurturing social and emotional environment that is built on caring and responsive relationships. Only when they feel secure, can children truly explore, learn, and let their incredible, unique selves shine.

Heart Yarns: Connected Classrooms (Upper Primary Edition) is specifically designed to engage kids in conversation and a fun way for teachers and students to connect and discover more about themselves and each other.

And what better way to reach an 11-year-old boy than through occasional gratuitous bathroom humour. Teacher’s might sometimes find it revolting, but their classroom will be filled with fits of laughter as together, kids can:

  • Establish a sense of belonging
  • Realise they’re not that weird and different
  • Practice making good choices
  • Be faced with moral dilemmas
  • Spark thought provoking responses
  • Introduce positive self-talk and
  • Feel safe to share feelings and vulnerabilities in a fun, non-confronting way

Heart Yarns explores 160 interesting social dilemmas and questions to help students and teachers share thoughtful discussions about growth mindset, kindness, resilience, self-love and so much more. All while taking only minutes a week and having a whole lot of fun!

What questions are included?

Social dilemmas:

  • Someone tells you something embarrassing about another friend. It’s so funny. Do you share it with others or keep it to yourself?

Expanding emotional intelligence and growth mindset:

  • Is trying your best or being the best more important?
  • Is crying a sign of strength or weakness?

Making choices:

  • Would you rather be the smartest person or the most popular person in your school?
  • Would you rather always have to tell the truth no matter what, or always lie?

And get the whole class giggling with the ONE WORD, beat the buzzer round:

  • The Doctor looked up my brother’s nose and found…..
  • Teacher, instead of a Maths test, can we please spend the time…


How to use these cards?

Set aside a few minutes each week to play HEART YARNS and remember, you can NEVER get it wrong. Read out a question. Everyone who agrees with the answer, takes hold of the rainbow wool, as your class starts to weave its social web.

By the end of the 3 challenges, your classroom is interconnected as they sit, woven together, while you share a mindful moment and positive self-talk with the TEACHER TIPS.

Finish strong and work together, as the class all speak up in ONE WORD. Practice makes progress, so can you beat your time from last week?

Heart Yarns: Connected Classrooms (Upper Primary Edition) contains:

  • 40 durable, high-quality cards
  • Teacher tips on each topic
  • Positive self-talk affirmations
  • Social web weaving wool
  • Storage bag