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Body Buddies Poster Pack


Big feelings come, and big feelings go.

Before little people can learn how to regulate emotions, they first need to recognise that a feeling has come to visit within their body. The first clue to BIG emotions might be physical feelings, or body clues, and recognising these clues gives them time to figure out a helpful strategy. 

Without this awareness, children are more likely to react without thinking about the consequences.

With BODY BUDDIES, you can help your little learners explore and identify what different body clues mean for them and that no matter what emotion they’re experiencing—happiness or anger—it’s temporary. BODY BUDDIES come to visit, we recognise the clues that they’re visiting, offer our BUDDY some help, then they leave. 

The BODY BUDDIES Poster Series explores:                                         Happy

Bye Buddy, see you next time! 

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