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Movement Matters


Wiggly bottoms and fidgety fingers are squirmy for a reason. Our central nervous system has a HUGE impact on physical, emotional, and learning skills. With a system that is still under construction, it is developmentally near impossible for early learners to sit still and pay attention. Playful, movement-based strengthening of the central nervous system in our early learners is essential for brain development, and preschool years are the pivotal, defining period for growing critical connections in the brain needed for the rest of their lives.

Children learn best when they are ON THE MOVE – it is the most powerful tool for fostering the development of neural connections! They engage, learn faster, retain more information, and build neural networks that can integrate the information more effectively when they are in physical motion.

All exercise is great for kids however NOT ALL MOVEMENT IS EQUAL.

MIND BUBBLES ensure that this movement is intentional. Our fun, evidence-based activities are expertly designed to stimulate neurodevelopment – the building and connection of brain pathways. This optimises brain organisation and strengthens cognitive function to support learning outcomes through motor development. Early learners who develop controlled motor skills are more likely to thrive, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically, once at school.

MIND BUBBLES encourage little learners to move more, have fun and never give up. It is movement for learning, designed to develop:

  • Core strength, gross motor control, coordination, and endurance
  • Executive function and organisation
  • Bilateral coordination, midline crossing & visual tracking
  • Focus, attention and concentration
  • Expressive & receptive language and communication skills (EYLF 5.1)
  • Independence, leadership, and teamwork (EYLF 2.1)
  • Positive body image, self-esteem, self-efficacy, confidence, and mindset
  • Inspiring healthy bodies, happy hormones, and a love of movement for life-long exercise habits (EYLF 3.2)

While the science behind MIND BUBBLES is serious, we are also serious about having fun! It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it is done in play, in which case it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions! Although technique is important, research and experience indicate that FUN physical exercise encourages active participation and will begin to build a solid skill-base, as participation promotes social interaction and self-efficacy.
Let them move, let them play – then they will learn.


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Mindset Matters


Growth mindset is the key to resilience. It encourages perseverance in the face of failure, determination amidst difficulty, a focus on infinite possibility and the courage to reach out and ask for help. This is resilience in action and is one of the most valuable attitudes that MIND BUBBLES passionately nurtures within our early learners. (EYLF 1.2)

Resilience is also about discovering who you are, liking yourself and recognising your worth. We are passionate in helping our friends recognise and appreciate how unique they really are. We encourage self-exploration to discover their extraordinary and unique qualities and capabilities, whilst encouraging the quiet confidence to let their true selves shine.

“There is no person in the whole world like me and I like me just the way I am”.

Positive self-talk has a big impact on little people and is at the core of our program. With positive self-talk tools and growth mindset skills, MIND BUBBLES empower early learners for life by instilling the habit of speaking to themselves in a way that is kind, reassuring and motivating, increasing their self-love and self-worth. By nurturing the development of intrinsic motivation and self-evaluation, we equip our kids with tools to help them understand that their feelings, thoughts, and voice matters. Skills that build their self-worth and resilience, that they can carry with them as they navigate through the classroom, the schoolyard and beyond. (EYLF 1.3)

Kindergarten is the time to establish a growth mindset – the belief that talents and abilities are developed through ‘trying’. Our Champions encourage a ‘brave enough to try something new’ attitude. We share enthusiasm for effort, rather than results, removing fear of failure for our early learners, and replacing it with a knowing that the outcome does not add or detract from their worth. This philosophy creates a safe space for our children to be seen, understood, and encouraged – to explore how they can make mistakes, learn from them, and persist in their efforts. (EYLF 4.1) The very ingredients required to nurture a growth mindset.

At MIND BUBBLES, children develop a growth mindset that reduces learning-induced anxiety, combined with self-worth and positive internal dialogue, enabling them to:

  • build lasting confidence
  • foster self-esteem and compassion
  • establish positive relationships with self and others (EYLF 1.4)
  • have greater attention and focus
  • nurture a positive attitude to learning
  • become creative problem solvers (EYLF 4.2)
  • grow independence

At Mind Bubbles we speak life into our kids as they grow through playful movement.


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Emotion Matters


At MIND BUBBLES we are passionate in helping early learners understand their GREAT BIG EMOTIONS. Feelings are valid, real, they’re allowed to be seen, heard and felt. None of these feelings define our worth or ability. Positive conversations with our children are more than just words. Our words become seeds that grow resilience and love – they are seeds worth planting and nurturing to thrive. MIND BUBBLES have powerful resources for helping children understand and embrace themselves for who they are – emotions and all!

Social emotional learning contributes significantly to every aspect of a child’s well-being and is an integral part of their development. The part of the brain responsible for regulating emotions and impulse control is the pre-frontal cortex. This area is the last to fully develop, explaining why pre-schoolers have reduced capacity for regulating emotions and need support in laying the foundation for heathy expression of emotional thoughts, patterns, and behaviours. MIND BUBBLES equip and empower pre-schoolers in learning how to recognise and label big emotions, where they come from, and how to express and regulate them – supporting them in developing a healthy relationship with their emotions, themselves, and the world around them. (EYLF 3.1)

Through playful kinaesthetic learning, neurodevelopment and class resources, MIND BUBBLES provides enriching opportunities for early learners to cultivate their personal identity (EYLF 1.3), by experiencing a sense of social belonging, developing emotional literacy, control, and resilience through teamwork, taking turns, sharing, problem solving and developing other positive behavioural skills, improving communication, cooperation, and organisation, allowing them to flourish as they develop the skills they need for life:

  • Develop healthy self-identity and self-esteem
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Establish and maintain strong, supportive and positive relationships (EYLF 1.4)
  • Identify emotions in themselves and others
  • Increase emotional literacy – use words to express their feelings (EYLF 3.1)
  • Begin to regulate their emotions with proactive and reactive tool-kit
  • Increase pro-social behaviours – make better choices and consider outcomes
  • Develop a healthy social environment

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is just as important as IQ! EQ teaches our children empathy, emotional literacy, and responsibility for their choices. MIND BUBBLES is dedicated to equipping our children with the emotional skills they need to thrive, developing a positive self-identity and nurturing self-esteem. Our early learners can then gain a greater understanding of emotions and how to manage them, contributing to their emotional, social and cognitive development. EQ has a big impact on little lives!

Playful movement is the method – social emotional learning is the outcome.


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Learning Matters


If intelligence is defined as the ability to learn, our early learners may be considered the most intelligent humans on the planet!

Preschool is known as a critical period for brain development as during this time, the number of synapses (connections) between neurons double, meaning early learners have twice as many synapses as adults! Because these connections are ‘where learning occurs’, having twice as many means their brains can uniquely absorb information during this critical phase, faster than at any other time of life.

Early childhood is not a precursor to “real” education. These are the years that matter most, as experiences during this phase have lasting effects on a child’s development. MIND BUBBLES embraces this opportunity to strengthen the foundation for growth mindset, intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and to inspire a love of learning. All important components in growing life-long learners. (EYLF 4.1)

Physical activity has a positive effect on classroom productivity in young children, with research demonstrating direct correlation between specialised physical activity and academic achievement. MIND BUBBLES delivers purposeful exercise that stimulate the growth of new neurons and strengthens neural pathways, in a process called neurogenesis, to support brain development and specific learning outcomes including:

  • Neocortex (thinking brain) – executive functioning, language and auditory processing, critical thinking, concentration, and motor control.
  • Limbic system (feeling brain) – regulate emotional and behavioural responses, working memory, learning retention, motivation, and attention.

MIND BUBBLES movements support early learners’ ability to follow instructions, process information, think creatively, make decisions, focus, and retrieve key information. (EYLF 4.2) We strengthen the foundation for learning and BOOST SCHOOL READINESS as our pre-schoolers consolidate their developing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills to thrive in their transition to school and beyond.

At MIND BUBBLES, we encourage our buddies to think about their brain like a muscle and ‘trying tricky things, makes our muscles STRONG’. MIND BUBBLES Champions are passionate about inspiring early learners to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning. Our program provides opportunities to develop important social and emotional skills, develop resilience and confidence within a safe, supportive environment. (EYLF 1.1) Whether it is developing friendships or mastering a new skill, MIND BUBBLES nurtures early learners in making mistakes, praises their efforts and courage in overcoming challenges and helps them discover the ‘good side’ of getting things wrong.

We believe every child is a unique individual, a capable learner, full of curiosity and wonder. MIND BUBBLES is the optimal combination of research based, neuro-developmentally appropriate movement and fun! Every activity at MIND BUBBLES is based on fun and learning together.

If you never try – you never know.


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